What is SPECTRUMebos?

SPECTRUMebos is a Enterprise Business Operating System that combines the key technology software components of Accounting and Financial Reporting of an Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP), a Document Management System (DMS), a Business Intelligence (Bi) platform and a Customer Resource Management (CRM) hub which are tethered to a management reporting and collaboration toolsets.  Spectrum imbeds itself in a robust BlockChain ledger system so that security and authenticity of transactions remain static.  These tools help drive real- time information in two directions. First, to the front lines by empowering customer facing stakeholders and second, back to management for planning, problem solving and integration.


  • Multi-Company accounting with Roll-up Reporting
  • Individualized Chart of Accounts for each business entity.
  • Invoices for Sales, POS & Purchasing
  • Payments, Journal Entry, Payment Entry, Subscription
  • Multi-Currency Accounting, Item-wise Taxation
  • Budgeting & Accounting Reports
  • Predictive Analytics through powerful BI engine.

Human Resource Planning

  • Employee Leave
  • Claim Expenses & Employee Loans
  • Recruiting Management
  • Training Management
  • Employee Appraisals
  • Employee Training Management
  • Fleet Management
  • Time clock, holiday leave and vacation planning and tracking

Purchasing & Sales

  • Purchase requests for all materials required for production
  • Manage inventory of finished good and automatically link sales and accounting
  • Quotation management
  • Sales Teams and Goals
  • Commission Management
  • Discounts, drop ship, shipping rules
  • Workflow Management (Quotation -> Sales Order -> Production Order -> Purchasing -> Production -> Finished Goods)
  • Customizable Profit Engineering Formulas
  • Supplier Management and Scorecard with Customizable Formulas

Inventory Management

Production Planning


Information Sharing